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 My new S6 Avant

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My new S6 Avant Empty
PostSubject: My new S6 Avant   My new S6 Avant EmptyWed Mar 09, 2011 12:07 pm

I live in Brazil and three weeks ago we had an Audi Q7 and 2007 my father decided to replace it with a 2010 S6 black sedan, with 10,000 miles. We were in Curitiba, 600km from my town. When we were leaving, with the "new car", my father became distracted driving and hit another car at low speed. But that was enough to break the bumper, radiator and some sensors. We were fortunate that the car insurance was already off, then we would not have many expenses. But the worst thing was not able to drive it on the road, we were very anxious for it.
Two weeks have passed and the parts had not been requested by the insurer, which would still take two or three weeks to come from Germany. Seeing the "poor" car disassembled, with parts played by all sides, to become discouraged and decided to exchange it for an Audi S6 Avant 2010/2011 Silver, 0 miles.

We search for the car this week and, although I preferred the black sedan, I know that for us who are quite demanding, stay with it could give us many headaches.

My dream is still and always will be an Audi RS6, but the problem is that for us Brazilians the prices of imported cars are significant, given the high value of taxes. This new Avant costs $ 405,000,00, the equivalent of $ 238,000,00 and RS6 Avant 454,000,00 (267,000,00). I think it's more than double the price in the U.S.

Well, but we do not have an RS6, I will content myself with the S6 and MUCH, but would like to hear from you about this car takes some preparation, if they know of any chip that increases the power of this little one and if this type V10 change can damage the engine.

Excuse me for writing, I used the translator.

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My new S6 Avant
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